Welcome to School! We visit the Mines of Kaolin

Last September we started a new school year.  Do you want to hear about one of the activities we did since the beginning of school?

Our pupils from 5th and 6th grade visited the Mines of Kaolin in Vimianzo, a small town near Santa Comba. There we learnt a lot about how kaolin is used in many products such as cosmetics, deodorant, paracetamol or shoes! A lot of things can be made from this material and learning it was more than impressive.

First we heard about the story of the mine and how it works:


Then we could see some objects  made from kaolin. Plastic bottles, marker pens, deodorant, different cosmetics…



After that, we visited the mine and we saw how it works on the inside.


We also touched some kaolin!


It was such a great way to start school again! And you? Are you ready for an amazing school year?


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