We dress up for Carnival!

Last Friday we held a big party in our school to celebrate the arrival of Carnival. We had great music, amazing food and a delicious hot chocolate. Have a look!

Mmmm!! Yummy!!!

Thanks to all the parents that cooked filloas, orellas and rosquillas for the party!

We wore our best Carnival costumes to the party. We dressed up as unicorns, superheroes, witches, troglodytes and many more. You can see our costumes in the pictures below!

We hope you all had an amazing Carnival with lots of fun and delicious food!!


  1. Maio 04, 2019 15:20

    I love Carnival because we can dress up such us unicorns, robots, superheroes… and we can eat a lot of delicious food! 😋😌👯