Os Bolechas visit the school

A few days ago we had the pleasure to receive Os Bolechas in our school. They told our schoolmates from grades 3 to 6 about WEEE.

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. These residues are extremely dangerous for the environment and our health, so it is very important to have a good management of them.

We learnt how important the nine R’s are for managing this kind of residues: rethinking, repairing, reusing, redesigning, redistributing, rebuilding, recycling, reducing and recuperation of energy.

Now we now more about how to take care of our planet and we are going to put all the advices in practice!


  1. Anónimo
    Febreiro 07, 2019 16:47

    the visit of bolechas to our school was very fun

  2. Febreiro 08, 2019 21:33

    The visit of Os Bolechas was very interesting and very funny because they make us aware that we have to recycle more. 🌎