Inmaculada’s day festival

The most important day of the year for our school arrived this month. On the 5th of December we celebrated Inmaculada’s day with music, theatre and -of course- lots of fun!

After the mass, we could enjoy the play “The Lion King”. The actors and actresses were terrific!

Here you can see the beautiful costumes and decoration we prepared:

After the play we enjoyed the dances and songs that the rest of grades had prepared. Take a look!

We’re on the news again! Read it here!

Congratulations to all for the hard work and the amazing results! We’re very proud of you!


  1. Xaneiro 08, 2019 21:34

    This year the Festival was very good. All the dances were super cool and very cured! 💃💃💃🐯👑

  2. Anónimo
    Febreiro 07, 2019 16:59

    it was a wonderful festival , loved it. we had little time to hang out .

  3. Anónimo
    Febreiro 08, 2019 19:04

    i love festival

  4. Anónimo
    Febreiro 08, 2019 19:06

    i love festival

  5. Febreiro 09, 2019 15:42

    the festival is fantastic