This year, for English Week we travelled to Canada! That’s why our school was decorated with Canada’s flag and some canadian symbols: beavers, hockey players…and look at Anita dressed as a mounted police officer!

We also decorated our hall with a huge mural with Canada’s map and pictures of the most important places of the country:

We did a lot of fun activities! In the pictures below you can see our preschool and grade 1-2 schoolmates painting Canada’s flag:

We also learnt about Canada’s most important cities and its history.

On Friday we enjoyed a lot of different games and activities. It was a blast!

 We can’t wait for next year’s English Week!!


  1. Anónimo
    Abril 05, 2019 15:53

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  2. Anónimo
    Abril 05, 2019 15:58

    i love canada

  3. Anónimo
    Abril 05, 2019 16:00

    we can,t wait for next year,s english week|||

  4. Abril 09, 2019 12:25

    it was great!!

  5. Maio 04, 2019 15:26

    English Week is one of my favourite school activities because is very interesting and we learn a lot. Also I love Canada! ♥